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Linens and Backdrops/Pipe and Drape

Below are a few images of the selection we carry, along with rent and deposit amount.  The rent price is the amount you pay for the privilege of renting the item.  The security deposit is money you leave to ensure that you will bring back the item in good condition.  The security deposit is returned to you when you return the items.  Delivery is not included in the prices and is a separate charge that varies according to location.  You must also present a valid picture ID with your current address on it. 

Find out about our Rental Rules.

Chair Covers

Rent: Starts at $2.85 per chair cover

Deposit: Varies according to number of chair covers rented


If you rent more than 100 chair covers, the rent per chair cover is $2.75.  The chair covers are white and come with chair sashes (your choice in color) which you can use to make the bows at the back of the chairs.  


Rent: $12 for rectangular tablecloths for tables measuring up to 6ft

          $14 for tablecloths for round tables

Deposit: Varies according to number of tablecloths rented


All tablecloths are white.  They come with runners in your choice of color.  We carry a wide variety of colors, contact us to find out more.

Tulle Tutu Tableskirt

Rent: $45

Deposit: $30

The tableskirt comes in two styles.  One is solid baby pink and the other is a mixture of hot pink and baby pink.  It measures about 11 feet in length, long enough to cover the front and sides of a 6 foot table.

Sequin Tablecloth

Rent: $35

Deposit: $40

This large sequin tablecloth is available in gold and silver.  It measures 90" x 132".  It is large enough to reach all the way to the ground for a 6 ft table.

Backdrop Draping 

Pipe and Drape

Rent: Starting at $250

Deposit: To be mutually agreed upon

Price includes delivery and pick up within 3 mile radius.  Backdrop is white satin with accents in your choice of color.  Prices vary by style and design.  Paper flowers not included.  Contact us to find out more.

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